Are You Panting For An Exclusive and Life-Turning Medical Treatment? Sell Your Structured Settlement to Get Your Fitness Back Under Control

For a childless couple who has explored all manner of medical treatment, you can never wait to hear the patter of little feet around your house. However, things go haywire when a mother seeks an IVF baby and a catastrophic error by the physician results to wrongful conception and birth. In the world of IVF, parents seeking to conceive with scientific backing may encounter devastating outcomes such as fetal abnormalities and botched sterilization procedure. But failure in the medical field cannot be compared to losing lottery due to the sensitivity of the issue. You can sue your doctor for negligently omitting to inform you of congenital disabilities. Successful personal injury claims yield compensation in form of determined future income stream payments known as “structured settlement”.

Jennifer was married to Charles with whom they encountered difficulty conceiving a child prompting them to undergo a fruitful IVF procedure in 2010, which brought forth a son. Unfortunately, her son’s skin texture, hair complexion and blood type differed from that of both parents prompting to a genetic test to determine whether the child was theirs. The outcome established that Jennifer was implanted with an egg fertilized by a sperm harvested from the medical centers banks instead of her husband’s. In a successful tort lawsuit against the hospital’s fertility clinic and embryologist, the court awarded her compensatory money payable through a structured settlement. With her biological clock ticking fast and increased fear menopause would strike soon, she had to sell structured settlement payments for another IVF treatment to conceive before it was too late.

Selling Her Structured Settlement-How She Converted Her Income Flows to Lump Sum Cash Like A Flash

The conversion procedure of structured settlement to a large amount payable up front was rather simple. Since she wanted to sell all her future payments to get the highest possible figure, JG Wentworth, the company she sold her annuity to sent a tailored price estimate immediately after her request. The company had a transparent pricing model that indicated an exact lump sum, less the transaction expenses, court filing and attorney fees and a modicum profit for the buyer. She agreed to earn a lump sum price of $300,000 which was enough to cover her IVF procedure costs and leave her plethora bucks to invest.

Were There Any Challenges That Could Slow Her Factoring Transaction?

The company exercised due diligence to confirm the legitimacy of her claims to the income stream she was offering for sale. A letter was sent to the insurance company or annuity issuer to acknowledge her claim and confirm it has not been previously transferred to another beneficiary. The company also runs a UCCI search to countercheck liens or encumbrances such as divorce decrees, bankruptcy proceedings against the holder and charges. Afterwards, the buyer of structured settlement payment confirmed Jennifer was the valid owner of the annuity and filed an application in court seeking approval.

Did the Court Procedure Lengthen the Sale of Her Structured Settlement?

When Jennifer appeared before the judge, the court was not only convinced the sale was in her best interest but indispensable in the circumstances. The hearing came up within days and the attorneys of the settlement company pleaded on her behalf to avoid duplicating legal costs. The court did not impose many conditions due to the urgency of the matter and ordered the sale to continue right away in the interest of the couple.

Top Structured Settlement Companies-Experience in Courts Helps Expedite Applications

Unlike other litigants, structured settlement companies file documents in anticipation of a client like Jennifer rushing out on her feet to get money as fast as possible. The court assigns a unique number to the bookings making it more expeditious as it is already filed and can be resolved with a short order.

Rush Structured Settlement Companies At Your Rescue

J.G. Wentworth

JG Wentworth is a finance specialist renowned for quick deals on structured settlements and annuities. They fast-tracked the court application process for Jennifer, customized her cash out and ended the reign of childlessness terror.

Woodbridge Structured Funding

Woodbridge is a California-based factoring company that gives free quotes online streamlining the process of selling your annuity. The company generates personalized quoted, bespoke agreement, time constraints and turnaround times.

Stone Street Capital

This company can offer you the highest purchase price as a buyer of your sumptuous annuity. They have put their aggregate fees at half cheap the price with a 24 hour responsive customer desk, and a legal representative to speed up your application before the state court judge.